Clinical Evaluation Of Certain Herbal Medicines For The Management Of Pharyngitis And Sore Throat


It is one of the most common infectious disease and affects approximately over 190 million people around the world.  There is no evidence that bacterial sore throats are more severe than viral ones or that the duration of the illness is significantly different in either case.

Pharinjaline (herbs include Atees (aconite) and Luffah (belladonna)

They are very efficacious in variety of fever and acute inflammation of the mucous membranes of the throat, nose, stomach and intestine.  It is also used as remedy for cough, coryza, congestion and vomiting and as an analgesic in acute throat pain.  And from Unani perspective we are also saying that it removes the corrupt bile and cold humors and diseases arising from them.  After detoxification it does not produce cardiac arrhythmias, did not stimulate nerve receptors and did not affect central nervous system.

The main objective of the study has been to investigate the efficacy of Pharinjaline (the Herbal Medicine) using this as the TEST Group and to compare it with the CONTROL Group using Erythromycin the antibiotic.

We have in the course of this study found that for the control of the very troublesome symptoms like odynophagia and tonsillar pillar exudation which are a part and parcel of Pharyngitis, Pharinjaline was found to be more effective than Erythromycin in controlling them.